WordPress is my bread and butter! I got my start in WordPress development by making custom themes for a boutique design agency under the mentorship of a lead developer, and I haven’t stopped since!

  • Years of Experience: 8 years
  • Knowledge Level: Senior
  • Context: Personal and Work
Employers who paid me to work with WordPress :
  • Irongate Creative
  • Collective Alternative
  • Willow Marketing
  • Data Crunch Corp
  • FineView Marketing
  • Torchlight Hire
  • Freelance
How I use WordPress :
  • I build custom themes and plugins based on project requirements.
  • I use Classic Editor and ACF Pro to build tailored website front and back ends.
  • Manage site dependencies with Composer and build theme files with Gulp.js.
  • Pass server-managed variables to frontend interactive APIs such as Google Maps.