Sass, or more specifically, the SCSS flavor of Sass, is my favorite way to write CSS. It allows for breaking up the file structure and including files, variables and even functions programatically within CSS.

  • Years of Experience: 8 years
  • Knowledge Level: Senior
  • Context: Personal and Work
Employers who paid me to work with Sass :
  • Irongate Creative
  • Collective Alternative
  • Willow Marketing
  • Freelance
  • Data Crunch Corp
  • FineView Marketing
  • Torchlight Hire
How I use Sass :
  • Structure all CSS-based code with SCSS files using partials.
  • Build variables for colors, fonts and common units for DIY-CSS coding.
  • Utilize SourceMaps package in Gulp setup to map CSS read by browser to the line in the SCSS file for easy debugging.
  • Build array of color variables and loop through them for random colors within CSS.