Responsive Design

Every project I make is coded with the assumption that it will be viewed on devices of multiple screen sizes. In web development, I manage this by trying to use a mobile-first approach when applicable, depending on the design I’m working with. No website should be unviewable depending on your screen size.

  • Years of Experience: 8 years
  • Knowledge Level: Senior
  • Context: Personal and Work
Employers who paid me to work with Responsive Design :
  • Snap Creative
  • Irongate Creative
  • Collective Alternative
  • Willow Marketing
  • Data Crunch Corp
  • FineView Marketing
  • Torchlight Hire
How I use Responsive Design :
  • Start new projects with a mobile-first approach to content and media queries.
  • When working with existing projects, I always try to make sure my work is responsive across mobile, tablet, laptop and desktop sizes using whatever method is appropriate for the codebase.
  • Scrollbars are ugly. Even though the site may technically still work while scrollbars are visisble, but I prefer to make the site responsive enough to where scrollbars don't show up.