I am not the vanilla JavaScript expert, admittedly. But I do know the syntax and how it works in the browser enough to be able to figure out how to use complex APIs like Google Maps, Places, Autocomplete with other APIs and custom browser interactions.

  • Years of Experience: 7 years
  • Knowledge Level: Mid
  • Context: Personal and Work
Employers who paid me to work with JavaScript :
  • Irongate Creative
  • Willow Marketing
  • Data Crunch Corp
  • Freelance
  • FineView Marketing
  • Torchlight Hire
How I use JavaScript :
  • Create interactive web interfaces using minimal code, keeping CSS markup out of the JS code.
  • Utilize click events and class toggling to create a multi-layered transportation map.
  • Pass custom location data from server-side via PHP to render a map of locations using Google Maps API.
  • Understand the connection between server-side data and client-side data within the context of WordPress.
  • Utilize drop-in vanilla JS plugins like Featherlight.js and other slider/light-box plugins wherever applicable for simple, well-supported interactions.