HTML was the first piece of syntax that I ever wrote on my web development journey. Although I was a typing anchor tags for years without knowing what the hell they did, I still knew it was important that each character followed the necessary pattern that didn’t break things, which I eventually learned was called syntax. I still use HTML every day.

  • Years of Experience: 10 years
  • Knowledge Level: Senior
  • Context: Personal and Work
Employers who paid me to work with HTML :
  • Snap Creative
  • Irongate Creative
  • Collective Alternative
  • Freelance
  • Willow Marketing
  • Data Crunch Corp
  • FineView Marketing
  • Torchlight Hire
How I use HTML :
  • Build elements that work on the modern web using semantic HTML5 where possible.
  • Utilizing knowledge of the DOM while outputing HTML using another languages such as PHP or JS.