Manpower East Central Indiana

Date: 2017
Category: New Website
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • jQuery

We collaborated with Manpower to revamp their brand and develop their first-ever website for worker recruitment in East Central Indiana. Our focus was on future scalability and covering a wide range of potential endeavors. We reorganized the content, created a professional web design, and emphasized the Manpower eConnect Job Portal and the expanding number of Indiana locations. The website features an animated logo highlighting Manpower’s Indiana locations, an integrated live Facebook Feed, dynamic templates for Job Resources and Locations, and a fully responsive, mobile-friendly design for seamless browsing across devices.

  • Built a responsive, mobile-friendly frontend based on PSD design.
  • Added custom fields for easily editable areas requested by client.
  • Integrated Facebook feed and styled to match design mockup.
  • Content and sitemap organization using Bootstrap and WordPress.
  • Created fading logo with jQuery to give all locations equal exposure.