Epworth Methodist Church

Date: 2017
Category: Website Refresh
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Sass
  • ACF Pro
  • WordPress
  • PHP

I led development for IronGate and helped with the creation of a refreshed website for a Methodist church. We recreated the previous website, organized new content and files, and selected professional visuals. We integrated a “Giving” section for easy donations. Additionally, we improved the events scheduling process, allowing for easy management and updates. The church staff was excited to utilize their new website as a reliable tool for members and visitors.

  • Implemented AJAX for blog posts, sermons, and Connect navigation.
  • Dynamically editable home page components for easy client changes.
  • Added support for Events by implementing WP Events Manager plugin.
  • Built a responsive, mobile-friendly frontend based on PSD design.